SPARE. The Title of Prince Harry's Memoir. Here's What It Means To Him

SPARE Prince Harry's book unveiled the cover

The book cover of the Duke of Sussex's memoir has been unveiled today by Penguin Random House, the publishing company that will release the book in January 2023. It also includes the title of the book, SPARE. 

According to press releases, the book will cover the story of Prince Harry's experiences dealing with the trauma of the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, and his personal journey of coping with the sorrow.

SPARE Prince Harry's book unveiled the cover
Prince Harry's memoir will be released in January 2023

It will also discuss the moment he and his brother Prince William walked behind Princess Diana’s coffin in her 1997 funeral procession. The release of SPARE has been postponed to January 2023 due to the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, on September 8, 2022. 

In a press release, Penguin Random House's CEO Markus Dohle, said: "An emotionally powerful story for readers. He shares a remarkably moving personal journey from trauma to healing, one that speaks to the power of love and will inspire and encourage millions of people around the world.”

What SPARE means?

The title of the book, SPARE, refers to Prince Harry's position as the younger son of the heir to the throne, now monarch, King Charles III. For the most part of his life, until the birth of Prince George in July 2013, he was known as the "Spare" of his older brother, Prince William.

Diana, Princess of Wales, and her two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, September 1995
SPARE Prince Harry's book unveiled the cover

He was a spare but not in direct succession to the throne. And in royal history, most spares have struggled to try to make a life for themselves after the heirs settled down and had their own children. Because it means, the spares will be pushed farther below the line of succession.

The heir and the spare

Prince Harry had previously announced that a portion of the proceeds from his memoir will be donated to Sentebale, the HIV/AIDS-focused charity he co-founded with the Prince of Lesotho in Africa in 2003 to help venerable children who lost their parents to HIV and AIDS. 

He also added that he will donate to WellChild, a charity in the UK that supports children with disabilities and their families.

The book is believed to be “unflinching, full of insight, revelation, self-examination, and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief”. according to Penguin Random House.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

A month ago, it was reported that the Duke of Sussex had second thoughts about pushing through with the publication of his memoir following the death of his grandmother, And many critics have claimed that the book had gone through a period of revision.

Prince William and Prince Harry

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