Duchess of York Talks About Prince Andrew and Queen's Corgis Muick and Sandy

Sarah Ferguson on Prince Andrew and Queen's corgis

The unusual living condition of the Duke and Duchess of York in the Royal Lodge, a Crown Property in Windsor Great Park, takes the spotlight after news revealed His Majesty King Charles III offered Frogmore Cottage to his brother. 

Days ago it was revealed that Buckingham Palace requested Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to vacate Frogmore Cottage.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Duchess of York

Prince Harry and Meghan were reportedly given until the King's Coronation on May 6, 2023, to vacate the residence near Windsor Castle.

Frogmore Cottage was granted to Harry and Meghan by the Queen as a wedding gift in 2018, however, they didn't own it literally, it still belonged to the Crown, it was granted to them, through a lease agreement, as their UK's home. 

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York
©Sarah Ferguson instagram 

It was also reported that King Charles III offered Frogmore Cottage to his younger brother, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, who currently lives in the nearby Royal Lodge with his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York
©Sarah Ferguson instagram 

Royal Lodge was the former home of the Queen Mother who died in 2002. In 2003, the property was renovated for the Queen's second son, the Duke of York, who leased the property for 75 years.

Prince Andrew moved to Royal Lodge in 2004 with his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. His former wife, Sarah Ferguson, who retained the title Duchess of York following their divorce in March 1996, moved there in 2005.

Royal Lodge home of Prince Andrew
Royal Lodge. Getty Images 

With the latest news about Harry and Meghan's eviction from Frogmore Cottage, and the rumor that King Charles III wants his brother, the Duke of York, to move to Frogmore Cottage, Sarah was asked by Hello Magazine regarding the issue.

The Duchess of York was interviewed by Hello! for the promotion of her latest book, "A Most Intriguing Lady".

Sarah said, "This is really a matter between the Duke (Andrew) and His Majesty ", she said, refusing to elaborate. 

According to royal sources, King Charles III wants Prince Andrew to move to Frogmore Cottage because Royal Lodge is an expensive property to maintain (and lease) and the king wants to spare his brother from spending too much since he is no longer receiving allowances from Sovereign Grant. 

Sovereign Grant is annual allowances given to working royals from the government to perform public duties. 

Sarah said, "Recently they [the newspapers] have been saying that it’s unfair of Andrew to ask this or to ask that. Well, since he stepped back [from royal duties] he doesn’t actually take taxpayers’ money. And I’m in a position where I can support him and the rest of the family through my work. And I’m really pleased and proud to do that".

Muick Sandy during the Queen's funeral in September 2022

Sarah Ferguson on Prince Andrew and Queen's corgis
Sarah with the Queen's corgis, Muick and Sandy. ©Sarah Ferguson instagram 

The Duchess of York also gave updates about Muick and Sandy, the corgis of the late Queen. "The corgis are very nice and very polite and well trained. I am their favorite but everybody always says it’s just because I feed them gravy bones. I love everything about them and I spoil them the most".

Muick and Sandy caught the world's attention when they paid tribute to their owner, Queen Elizabeth II, at her state funeral.  

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