Prince Friso's life hang in the balance

A very sad news for the Dutch royal family. Until now, Prince Johan Friso's life is still dangling between life and death after an avalance incident last February 17, 2012. The prince was buried beneath a 100-foot wide slab of snow while skiing with friends in Lech, Austria. He seemed no avalanche air bag to protect himself. He was recovered from the snow and revived for 50 minutes before he was rushed to Innsbruck Hospital in Austria where he was laying in coma. Although his doctors declared his condition as "stable", recent reports said that the prince might not regain consciousness after being starved of oxygen for so long.

Prince Johan Friso of the Netherlands. Doctors said he might not regain consciousness after suffering from severe head trauma and brain damage following a skiing accident in Lech, Austria last February 17, 2012. The Prince is still in a state of coma at Innsbruck hospital in Austria.

There was a massive flow of support coming from the public for the Prince family and the Dutch royal house was very thankful for the outpouring support extended to the Prince. Queen Beatrix had come to Austria to be with his son. Friso's brothers, Prince Wilhelm and Prince Constanjin had also visited him in the hospital.

Prince Friso is the 43-year-old second son of Her Majesty, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. He is currently a managing director of a private investment and advisory company. He has a degree in Aeronautics Engineering and earned his Master of Science in Economics degree at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, he had attended classes too of Mechanical Engineering and Master in Business Administration. His wife, Mabel, is the Chief Executive Officer of Nelson Mandela's Global Elder's Group. They have two young daughters who carried a non-princess title: Countess Luana and Countess Zaria.
Prince Friso and his wife Princess Mabel attending the wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden last June 2010 in Stockholm

Prince Friso was skiing off with his friend in the Lech resort when they were struck by an avalanche, his friend was wearing an avalanche air bag while the Prince was not. He was deeply buried for 25 minutes before he was pulled off.

Academically wise, Prince Friso is far off better than his two brothers, he excels in finance and attended and has been a chief financier officer for Urenco, a Uranium Company based in Berkshire. 
The Dutch royal family visiting Prince Friso
 From left Prince Constanjin, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Princess Mabel and Prince Wilhelm

The prince was known before towards his disinterest of becoming King someday, saying that it is okay to bully his older brother, Wilhelm, but said "please do not kill him because I don't want to become a King". Prince Friso relished his freedom and tried to stay away from the spotlight, he rarely joined the royal family on public events. He was not seen in recent years gracing official engagement on behalf of the royal family in Netherlands. He had moved to London with his wife and two daughters. In 2004, he was forced to give up his place in the line of succession to the Dutch throne after he declared his intention to marry Mabel who was involved with a man known to deal with drugs.

Due to the head trauma and brain injury he suffered, only time can tell if Prince Johan Friso can really survived this very sad and unfortunate ordeal. Hope the Prince can recover, may God provides more strength to his family especially to his young daughters.

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