Queen Elizabeth II's diamond jubilee

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh at the balcony of Buckingham Palace following the coronation of the Queen in June 1953. 

"She has been an enduring figure in the life of the nation and her importance has been recognised worldwide by successive leaders" - The Telegraph
As a young couple. Prince Philip and the Queen

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom marked her 60 years on the throne. Born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary on April 21, 1926, the Queen was known as Lilibet as a child. She ascended the British throne on February 6, 1952 on the death of her father, King George VI. Elizabeth was the first British monarch after King George I who was not in the British soil at the time of accession. She was in Kenya with her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh when her father died in his sleep at Sandringham Estate. Therefore, she left a Princess and returned a Queen.

The British monarchy will celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee from February to August this year dispatching all senior royal family members to take a tour around the commonwealth to mark the celebration. The Queen thanked the nation for the wonderful support and encouragement they had given to her and  the monarchy.

This year, well, because it's her diamond jubilee celebration, the Queen celebrated the anniversary of her accession by going out in contrast to the tradition she usually made for the last 59 years where she and her husband would just spend the rest of the week at Sandringham.

In her message to the public, the Queen said she and her husband are deeply moved with the messages and wishes marking her 60 years on the throne. At 85, the Queen is still actively doing her job publicly as head of state and showed no sign of slowing down, but her grandson, Prince Harry revealed one truth behind the Queen's amazing energy. He said that everything would have been impossible for the Queen to carry out her duty without the presence and support of the Duke of Edinburgh, "I don't think she could continue doing her job without my grandfather", Harry revealed.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh

The Queen had seen 11 Prime Ministers in her reign, she had also endured the tumultuous period of the British monarchy during the time her three children created controversies because of their marriages that ended in divorce. The most trying moment of the monarchy was when Diana, Princess of Wales died in a car crash in Paris, everybody was criticizing the Queen and the monarchy and almost half of the subjects were questioning if they ever need a monarchy afterall.

But according to the Telegraph "The Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002 was a momentous occasion and showed there was still a strong feeling of support for the Queen"

She is an amazing woman and may she continue to reign and enjoy the days being healthy. Now, Prince Charles is rumoured to be admitting the fact that he would never have a diamond jubilee if someday he will ever come to throne.

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