Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas getting cozy at the slope

Oh, and oh! Finally the two allowed the world to see what's the truth behind those intense speculation for months regarding the real score of their relationship.

Prince Harry was seen on several occasions getting intimate with socialite model, Cressida Bonas, before he departed for Afghanistan last September. The rumour of romance died down because Harry went to a mission.

The news that the aristocratic lady had cut ties on Harry, because she felt humiliated with his Las Vegas escapade on which he was photographed naked while having fun with friends, made the public believed the rumour was just another passing romantic adventure of the playboy prince.

But when he came back last January, rumours persisted again that he tried to win back Cressida and made effort to patch things up between them.

Well, no one believed it until they were snapped by photographers cuddling at the snowline of Verbier Skiing Resort.

"The One!" 
Prince Harry lovingly hugged his socialite girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, 
while holidaying at a posh Swiss Ski Resort of Verbier. Photos/Xclusive
By royal descent, Cressida Bonas is Prince Harry's 18th cousin
through King Charles II and his fifth cousin through Charles II's son, the Duke of Grafton  

The romantic revelation came over this weekend when Prince Harry joined the family of his uncle, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, at a posh Swiss Ski Resort, Verbier. The Duke of York, younger brother of Prince Charles, celebrated his 53rd birthday at the resort bringing along few close family members and friends that include his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas, who is very close to Princess Beatrice.

Despite being separated and divorced for 17 years, the Duke of York remained very close to his ex-wife and regularly went skiing every year to mark his birthday, and this time their slope adventure has attracted curiosity and intense attention when society figure, Cressida Bonas, was included in the entourage. This is the first time also that Prince Harry came face to face with the Duchess of York after the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Above the freezing temperature at the slope with other skiers squeezing the area, Cressie and Harry seemed to be just fixing their eyes within themselves only. Before the cuddling and kissing moment at the snow, they were seen kissing and getting too cozy at a restaurant the night before according to several onlookers.

The blossoming romance between them made headlines first last May 2012 but it was cut short when Prince Harry's Las Vegas escapade was revealed to the public, Cressida reportedly was humiliated with the Prince's behavior. Then Harry went to Afghanistan to join comrades on a mission. So the romance was put on hold. He returned last January 2013 and according to some accounts wasted no time to win back Cressida. He worked hard in getting her back, so he must have been very in love with this girl.

Several newspapers picked up the story about the romantic slope adventure right away, and many commented that the public showing of affection by the Prince is an indication that Cressi is "the one". The aristocrat receives a quick approval from the Prince's intimate circle because she moved in the same orbit as Harry. 

Cressida Bonas is a 9th great-granddaughter of King Charles II through his son, the Duke of Grafton, whose other descendants include Diana, Princess of Wales and Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of Prince Andrew the Duke of York. 
Through this royal family connection, Cressida is a distant relative of the British royal family.
Due to her family's aristocratic background, her name appeared in The Peerage: a genealogical survey of British noble families and European royal families

Cressida Bonas's credential is quite impressive, she  is a daughter of a wealthy aristocrat, Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon, a daughter of the 6th Earl of Howe, and old Harovian Businessman and Oxford University graduate, Jeffrey Bonas, and was brought up in the upper-class system of Britain. Her mother's family belonged to the old wealthy noble family in England, just like the Spencers.  She is a descendant of King Charles II through his son, the Duke of Grafton, where the father of the late Princess of Wales, Diana, also descended. 

By royal descent, Cressida is the 18th cousin of Prince Harry and his fifth cousin through the Duke of Grafton. In so many ways, she is a perfect catch for a royal match. She attended a pricey boarding school, Stowe, and went to the University of Leeds. Currently she is studying contemporary dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire Music and Dance in Greenwich. She is especially close to the Duke of York's daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie.

But her possible inclusion to the royal family might create rough patches to Harry's sister-in-law because Cressida is the younger half-sister of Isabella Calthorpe, the only woman who could make Kate Middleton green with jealousy.

Prince William pursued Isabella in 2004 when he felt his relationship with Kate Middleton would not take any further but he was rejected by Isabella, he pursued her again in 2007 when he broke up with Kate Middleton the second time because he felt he did not love her at all (this discomfort was even shared to the Queen according to some reports) again he was turned down. So the Prince moved back to Miss Middleton who kept her door always open to William and who never tired in tailing him.

Prince William was visibly smitten with the young aristocrat and was heartbroken when she kept on evading him. Isabella was  reportedly not interested with a royal romance. Kate Middleton was completely aware with this situation, thus, a mere mention of the name Isabella would make her hop into an extreme jealousy.

Isabella was not invited to the royal wedding in 2011 even though almost all of William's past girlfriends had been invited because Kate Middleton would not approve it. Now, it seems the shadow of Kate's insecurities towards the pretty blonde aristocrat will haunt her again. Prince Harry has made no secret that he is ready to settle down and looks like he already found "the one".

Reports revealed that he is serious with Cressida and wanted to make things work between them. During his stay in Afghanistan and despite extremely immersed in his duty as an Apache helicopter pilot, he was rumoured to have called Cressida more often than he phoned his father, Prince Charles.

By a strange twist of fate, Cressida's ex-boyfriend is Harry Wentworth-Stanley, a stepson to the 3rd Marquess of Milford-Haven, David Mountbatten, a third cousin to the Queen and a first cousin to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Lord Milford-Haven stood as Philip's bestman when he wed the Queen in 1947. 

So, her orbit is really rotating within the royal family.

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