Monaco Royals' Heartbreak as Princess Charlene Seeks Treatment Abroad

During the Sovereign's Prince Day in Monaco, six-year-old twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, appeared in the Palace balcony with their father, Prince Albert, holding a sign: "We miss you mommy, we love you mommy".

In November 8, Princess Charlene returned to Monaco after almost 10 months away. She looked so evidently frail as she reunited with her husband and twins.

Brief family reunion, November 8, 2021

Within days, it became apparent that there was something wrong with her health condition. Palace officials remained tight-lipped on the real condition of the princess but according to insider sources, the complication stemmed from her sinus surgery performed in South Africa.

The sinus surgery was performed after the princess contracted a severe throat infection while in her homeland. Following the surgeries, she's unable to swallow solid foods and just relying on liquids, prompting a massive weight loss.

The prince's sisters: Princess Caroline of Hanover and Princess Stephanie joined him and his twins during the National Day celebration. Princess Caroline holding Princess Gabriella's hand

According to Page Six, the princess "almost died" while undergoing multiple surgeries in South Africa. Prince Albert gave an interview following his wife's departure for a treatment abroad, revealing she had gone to a treatment facility and will remain for at least several weeks.

He hinted that his wife "is overwhelmed and unwell and could not face official duties or even family life". He also revealed the twins would visit their mother once they had the "medical go-ahead".

Prince Albert and his twins at the Palace's balcony on National Day in Monaco

The Sovereign Prince of Monaco, 63, insisted "I'm probably going to say this several times, but this has nothing to do with our relationship. I want to make that very clear. There are not problems within our relationship, not with the relationship between a husband and wife. It's of a different nature".

Several sources added that the treatment facility is specializing in severe physical and emotional exhaustion cases. The palace did not disclose the exact location of the facility, but many believed it's in Switzerland.

Prince Albert and his son, Prince Jacques during the Tree-planting ceremony

On November 24, 2021, Prince Albert and his twins, participated in a tree-planting ceremony to mark the centenary of Soroptimist International, an organization for women promoting peace.

The twins planted a tree in honor of their mother whose presence they sorely missed. Prince Jacques was seen wrapping his arm around his sister and gesturing a thumbs up sign to the camera.

Prince Jacques wrapped his protecting arm around his sister

Princess Charlene posted a Monaco flag on her instagram account during the National Day celebration in Monaco without any caption.

We're wishing Princess Charlene a quick recovery and a successful treatment. 💓 

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