Princess Charlene Returns to Monaco But Might Live in a Separate Quarter

Her Serene Highness, Princess Charlene of Monaco may not be living back with her husband, Prince Albert of Monaco, at the luxurious Prince's Palace, anytime soon. 

After 10 months away from her twins and husband, she had returned to Monaco in November 8 amid speculation that her marriage to the Sovereign Prince of Monaco is crumbling.

Princess Charlene left Monaco in January in the middle of the controversy of Prince Albert's paternity law suit filed by a Brazilian woman. It was alleged the prince fathered a child in 2005 and he refused to recognize this daughter. 

Following the allegation and the impending trial in Italy, Princess Charlene was seen sporting a partly shaven hair which made her look like a punky rock star.

In January 2021, she left Monaco for South Africa to do charity works for her foundation that advocates anti-rhino poaching and provide clean waters to residents.

Her lengthy stay in South Africa created a buzz of rumors split at it coincided with Prince Albert's controversial paternity suit. The Prince's Palace press however, continued to assure the public of family unity as they featured Princess Charlene's activities.

Living separate quarters

The princess has been reported to have stayed in a two-bedroom apartment above an old Chocolate factory in Monaco, prior to her departure in January.

Princess Charlene reunited with her husband and twins

When she returned home a week ago, it's also reported she would not be staying with her husband and twins in the Prince's Palace but will return to her modest apartment.

Whatever the reason of this separate living quarter of Their Serene Highnesses no one could clearly explain. Princess Charlene's sister-in-law, Chantell Wittstock had been quoted saying the princess needs sometime to recuperate from her  surgery but assured the public the royal marriage is fine and that her sister-in-law is happy to reunite with her husband and twins again.

It's also uncertain when she will return to royal duties. Chantell Wittstock added that it depends on the princess's complete recovery from infection.

Wishing Princess Charlene full recovery. And may all these split rumors died down. We are supporting lasting royal marriages and don't want to hear another royal split. All the best Your Serene Highnesses of Monaco!

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