Why This Picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Made a Round of Discussion Lately?

Forgetting to zip our bags might just be another normal thing in our daily lives. We often commit this kind of mistake, especially if we are in a hurry, but not if you are a member of the royal family.

The photo above of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was shared by the Network Rail Scotland taken upon the royals' arrival by train in time for COP26 Summit.

But what prompted discussion among the royal observers is the bag of Kate which she seemed forgot to zip, revealing what's inside her precious bag.

Kate forgot to zip her bag

The open bag, a Smythson Panama Ciappa East West Tote, has given us a rare glimpse on what's inside: a laptop, a ring binder with papers.

And so speculation of what else in Kate's bag made up a round of discussions. Some commenters speculated she might have carrying blotting paper to keep her face clean, a compact mirror, a lip balm or a face powder. 

Sure enough, this is not the first time that Kate left her bag open in public, She had several episodes of this incident when she was still dating Prince William, but none of it made headlines.

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