LOOK! Princess Charlene of Monaco Finally Resumes Royal Duty After More Than A Year

Finally, Princess Charlene of Monaco resumes royal duty! After more than a year of staying out of the public eye in the principality of Monaco, Princess Charlene appears in public today alongside her husband, Albert II, the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, and their twins, Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

Their Serene Highnesses and their twins attended the second round of ABB FIA Formula E World Championship on April 30, 2022, in Monaco. 

The Monegasque royals attending Formula E World Championship

This is Princess  Charlene's first public engagement in Monaco since January 2021. The family appeared in coordinated outfit in blue and gray shades.

She stepped back from performing royal duty last year after suffering from emotional and physical exhaustion after undergoing ear surgery in South Africa. 

In February 2021, she traveled to South Africa to promote her advocacy for white rhinoceros awareness and by August the Prince's Palace in Monaco announced she would undergo surgery due to an ear infection. 

Prince Albert and the twins flew to South Africa last year to be with her and by November she returned to Monaco but had to leave again by November to seek medical treatment to address her "exhaustion" illness. 

She was away from her husband and children for more than two months while undergoing treatment in an undisclosed facility, before returning to the principality in January this year.

The Monegasque royals on Easter Sunday

Since her return, she has not been seen in public, but on Easter Sunday, the Prince's Palace of Monaco shared a family portrait of the royal family.

For today's first public appearance, Princess Charlene wore a bespoke jumpsuit with a blazer from Akris, a Swiss fashion brand. She looks fabulous in a pixie haircut and hair in light blond color. 

The couple's marriage has been constantly rocked up by intrigues and intense speculation since last year, and split rumors often hugged headlines, which the Prince's Palace also constantly denied.

Photo credit: HSH Prince Albertii instagram/Getty Images

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