Lady Louise Windsor Inherited Grandpa Philip's Passion in Carriage Driving

Lady Louise Windsor took part in the carriage driving during the Windsor Horse Show last week, riding Prince Philip's carriage, which she inherited after her grandfather passed away in April 2021. 

Her parents, The Earl and Countess of Wessex, and her grandmother, The Queen watched with pride as she displayed her skills in a sport that had been a favorite of her late grandfather since the 1970s. 

Joining her parents and her grandmother in the royal box were Lord Brabourne (Prince Philip's nephew) and his wife, Lady Brabourne. 

From Left: Lady Brabourne, The Queen, The Earl and Countess of Wessex during the Windsor Horse Show

Lady Louise is poised to continue the legacy of her grandfather in carriage driving. Earlier this month she participated in the British Indoor Carriage Driving Championships.

During the Windsor Horse Show, The Queen's mare, Balmoral Leia, was also declared the Supreme Champion in the equestrian category.

Lady Louise riding Prince Philip's carriage

Windsor Horse Show has been one of the favorites of The Queen. And as a horse breeder, she regularly attended the event. 

The Queen during the Windsor Horse Show

Prince Philip's Favorite Sports

In the 1970's after His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh gave up Polo when he turned 50 he was looking for another sport to make use of his time during weekends or when no public engagement.

He said during an interview in May 2017: "I was looking round to see what next (after quitting Polo), I did not know what there was available. And I suddenly thought, well we've got horses and carriages so why don't I have a go. So I borrowed four horses from the stables in London, took them to Norfolk, and practiced and thought - why not?"

Eventually, Prince Philip helped established Carriage Driving Sports in the United Kingdom. He also represented Britain at several World and European Championships, often partnered with Lady Brabourne, his nephew's wife.

Following his death, his carriage driving gears, including the carriage horses, were inherited by Lady Louise. 

Apart from Lady Louise, Princess Anne and her daughter, Zara Phillips-Tindall, are the Queen's family members who competed in Equestrian World Championships and Summer Olympics. 

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Will there be any chance to become a Princess?

Lady Louise, who turned 18 on November 8, 2021, is the only granddaughter of The Queen in the male line who did not carry the title, Princess, even though legally she is. 

It was a personal choice of The Earl and Countess of Wessex made in 1999 not to give their children the style of HRH and wished them to be known as children of a British Earl, to protect them from the trappings of royalty.

However, the decision was just personal and The Queen did not issue a Letter Patent, which means, legally Louise is still Princess of the United Kingdom and her brother, James, is still Prince of the United Kingdom.

Lady Louise attending her grandfather's memorial service in March this year

In her previous interview, The Countess of Wessex revealed Louise and James can still choose to use the HRH and Prince/Princess styles if they want to, by the time they turn 18.

Lady Louise is now 18 years old. And she can choose to be called Princess if she wants to.

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