Queen Letezia of Spain "Twinning" with a Professor in the Same Event

The most awkward moment in fashion is when you attend an event and seeing someone wearing the same dress as yours 😳

We all have funny anecdotes in fashion, like wearing an outfit that matches the table cloth in a restaurant, or a dress that matches the design of the floor, but what if your "twinning moment" appears to be with the Queen Consort?

We all know Queen Letizia has a classy taste in fashion and she is even dubbed by fashion experts as the ultimate royal style icon in Europe, but it was in those rarest occasion that she turned out in a very important public event and found herself "twinning" in fashion with one of the attendees!

On May 4, 2022, Her Majesty Queen Letezia of Spain attended the meeting of the Council of the Royal Board of Trustees on Disability in her capacity as Honorary President, in Madrid, Spain.

She also handed the awards of "Premio Reina Letezia 2021" to exceptional individuals. Premio Reina Letezia is an organization aims to support the rights of people with disabilities to ensure they have given equal opportunities.

But the most awkward moment came when one of the awardees, Immaculada Vivas Teson, a law professor, appeared to be wearing the same dress with the Queen as she received the award. 😲

The two women looked unfazed and just laughed off the awkward situation. Queen Letezia hugged the professor after handing out the certificate. Here's what they wore: Bicolor belted dress from Mango. 

Queen Letezia also wore a pair of black pumps from Magrit shoes, Chanel earrings, and carried a bespoke T. Handbag from Boss.

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