Remembering Princess Diana's Awkward Moment in Fashion Twinning With Party Guest

We have just talked about the recent awkward fashion moment of Queen Letezia of Spain when she attended a public event wearing the same dress as hers. 

But did you know that at one point in Princess Diana's life, the awkward fashion moment of "twinning" also happened to her?

It happened at the big event in Windsor Castle in 1985. 

The royal family decided to throw a joint birthday celebration for their family members who turned 21 that year: Prince Edward (the youngest child of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh), Lady Helen Windsor (daughter of the Duke of Kent), Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones (daughter of Princess Margaret), and James Ogilvy (son of Princess Alexandra).

So you could just imagine how big event it was and how many guests were invited to attend the celebration.

But the awkward moment in fashion occurred when one of the guests, Natasha Fairweather, wore the same ball gown as the Princess of Wales!

The black-and-white ball gown both worn by Princess Diana and Natasha Fairweather in 1985

Natasha Fairweather has not posted a photo of herself wearing the same gown but VOGUE shared the image of the gown in question. Natasha also shared her recollection.

In an interview with VOGUE in 2021, she recalled the awkward moment: ‘My sister was living in London and much more glamorous than me, so she had this incredible dress she bought in the sale,’ she said.

The dress was a black-and-white strapless gown designed by Murray Arbeid. Princess Diana re-wore the said gown in December that year (photo above).

Natasha continued with her recollection:

"It was a really huge party and I struggled to find my friends at first - there were three people that I knew. I found one of them and he said, God, that's an amazing dress but I just saw Diana and I am pretty sure she is wearing exactly the same dress. So we go and have a gorp, and sure enough it's clear that she is!" 😄

Natasha recalled someone guided her to approach The Queen Mother for advice. The Queen Mother, known for her unique sense of humor, said to her, "That's absolutely fine, you stay and enjoy yourself".

"It made the party rather fun because everyone wanted to talk to me and see this dress", Natasha recalled, "When I noticed Diana and Charles had gone to the dance floor, I went and danced very close to them so that they would notice. As I remember it, Charles pointed it out to her and she (Princess Diana) just laughed. Obviously, it was not a big deal to her".

Natasha Fairweather is now a literary agent. And the gown she was twinning with the Princess of Wales in 1985 was already sold in auction in December 2021 for £1,000.

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