The Royal Mint Released Special Coins For Prince William's 40th Birthday

Prince William Special Coin 40th Birthday

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, turns 40 today. Happy birthday Your Royal Highness! He was born on June 21, 1982, at St. Mary's Hospital, in London, UK.

However, this personal milestone coincides with the UK Government's decision to fly the Union Flags in all government buildings only during the respective birthdays of Her Majesty, the Queen, and the Prince of Wales, deliberately stripping William and other senior royals with the honor.

Prince William Special Coin 40th Birthday
The Duke receives special silver coin for his 40th birthday

The decision comes after members of the councils refused to obey rule to fly the Union Flags on Prince Andrew's birthday. In a bid not to embarrass the Queen's favorite son, the UK Government ruled out this year that senior royals, apart from the Queen and the Prince of Wales, will no longer be honored on their birthdays with the Union Flags.

Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William
Prince William was carried by his father, Prince Charles, after Princess Diana gave birth

But despite this stripping of Union Flag honors, the Duke of Cambridge still has plenty of reasons to feel honored. As a future king, he deserves no less, thus, The Royal Mint, created a set of special coins, in silver and gold, to mark his 40th birthday.

It will mark the first time that Prince William will appear solo on a coin created by the Royal Mint. He already appeared with his wife, Kate Middleton,  in the 2011 commemorative silver coin to mark their royal wedding.

Prince William 40th birthday special coin from The Royal Mint
A special coin to mark Prince William's 40th birthday. credit: The Royal Mint

The special coin design featured the prince in a three-quarter profile gazing up to the top right of the coin, with the number 40 to his left and his royal cipher "W" to his right.

The Royal Mint published the message on its website about the birthday tribute, "Growing up during the eighties and nineties as a popular prince, His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge has evolved into his senior royal role with seamless confidence. In addition to his ceremonial duties, which include supporting his grandmother, Her Majesty The Queen, His Royal Highness works tirelessly to make an impact on progressive causes that remain close to his heart – whether it’s tackling the issue of climate change or the stigma attached to mental health issues. As a devoted husband to Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge and a loving father to their three young children, this year The Duke of Cambridge celebrates his milestone 40th birthday" 

Prince William silver coins from the royal mint
Special Silver Coins to mark the Duke's 40th birthday

Prince William silver coins from the royal mint

The silver coin comes in two editions: The UK £5 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin and the limited edition of a silver proof coin UK £5, while the Gold coin set also comes with UK £5 Gold proof coin. The Queen's portrait will appear on the back of the coins. Her portrait was designed by Jody Clark. Order these special coins in The Royal Mint website.

Product specifications of the silver coins from The Royal Mint website:
  1. Features the first UK coin design wholly dedicated to The Duke of Cambridge
  2. Perfect for coin collections that commemorate the British monarchy
  3. Features a reverse design by Thomas T. Docherty – a product designer and engraver at The Royal Mint
  4. Finished to Brilliant Uncirculated standard – a finer finish than circulating coins
  5. Striking Standard - Brilliant Uncirculated Coin
The Royal Mint's product designer, Thomas Docherty, revealed the design, as "a balance between this fresh energy of His Royal Highness being a young dad with the ceremonial nature of his position.. That's where the portrait and the pose he's striking helped me convey an element of dynamism within the design, whilst retaining his royal stature".

Docherty added, "A three-quarter angle of the portrait creates a more dynamic portrait rather than a traditional side-on profile. I used certain clay sculpting techniques on a digital platform to achieve the style needed for the design, to translate effectively from two to three dimensions".

Prince William the Duke of Cambridge special birthday coins the royal mint
The Royal Mint gold coins for the Duke's 40th birthday

Prince William the Duke of Cambridge special birthday coins The royal mint

Product specifications of the gold coin set:
  1. Specially curated set
  2. Includes a coin struck in a quarter of an ounce of 999.9 fine gold honoring His Royal Highness’ 40th birthday
  3. Contains an Uncirculated Sovereign from 1982 – the year of William's birth
  4. Presented with packaging that details The Duke of Cambridge’s life and achievements
  5. Marks the early days of William's numismatic legacy
  6. Striking Standard - Gold Proof
Prince William's 40th birthday will also be commemorated with another coin, a limited-edition two-piece set, one featuring a 0.25oz celebration coin and another a 1982 sovereign coin, to mark his birth year.

Another coin will also be released to mark his milestone, and reportedly designed using laser technology, which is made with a "high relief finish".

"The limited-edition gold coin will be made with 5oz of fine gold and struck in high relief to elevate the artistry of the design. Our limited-edition precious metal coins combine fine craftsmanship and rarity, making them an attractive keepsake for collectors and investors" - Clare Mclennan, director of a commemorative coin at the Royal Mint.

The Royal Mint is a government-owned mint that produces coins for the United Kingdom, it is wholly owned by Her Majesty's Treasury and is under an exclusive contract to supply all the nation's coinage.

Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding 2011
Getty Images

The Duke of Cambridge wed Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011, at Westminster Abbey. They have three children now: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. They marked their 11th wedding anniversary on April 29, 2022.

Prince William and his three children
Prince William and his three children: Charlotte, Louis, and George

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