The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark Pulled Out Son From Herlufsholm

Prince Christian of Denmark pulled out of school

The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark made a shocking announcement today, through their official instagram account, that their eldest child, Prince Christian of Denmark, will be pulled out of his boarding school, the prestigious  Herlufsholm.

Prince Christian of Denmark pulled out of school
Prince Christian of Denmark was pictured in August 2021 at Herlufsholm © Detdanskekongehus

The decision comes after an explosive documentary, about the alleged bullying and abuses in the school, was aired on Danish TV2 in May this year.

The documentary revealed the alleged systematic bullying and culture of abuse and violence in the school premises of  Herlufsholm, known as the Danish school for nobility.

In the documentary, former students speak out about “violence, sexual abuse, and bullying” they allegedly experienced at Herlufsholm school.

The Crown Prince couple at that time made a rare public comment about the incident: "It is heartbreaking to hear about systematic bullying and the culture of abuse and violence. That is completely unacceptable. As parents, we expect the school to effectively ensure a culture where everyone is safe."

The Crown Prince couple and their children © Detdanskekongehus instagram

On June 17, 2022, they released a statement about their plans of reassessing their decision on whether to let their son continue his studies at Herlufsholm or transfer to another school. 

In an official statement released today, June 26, the Crown Prince couple finally confirmed the news that Prince Christian will be taken out of his boarding school and that Princess Isabella will no longer attend the school as previously announced. 

Official statement of the Crown Prince couple

Their official statement read:

"As we have previously stated, we are deeply shaken by the reports that have come out about Herlufsholm recently. We have also made it clear that, as parents of a child at the school, we expect that the school will do what it must do to rectify the unacceptable conditions.

The information in the just-released preliminary decision from the National Agency for Education and Quality directs a particularly harsh critique from a state authority against Herlufsholm and places demands on the school at several levels, not least the leadership level.

The question about our son Christian's and our daughter Isabella's choice of school has been very important for us, and the unfortunate matter has brought many strong opinions into play in the public. That is completely understandable when it deals with the well-being of children and young people. At the same time, it has been important to stand by our basic idea that major decisions must be made on an informed basis. We now have that basis.

It has been a difficult process for us as a family, but, based on the overall picture and our special position as Crown Prince Couple, we have chosen that Prince Christian will stop at Herlufsholm and that Princess Isabella will not start in 9th class at the school after the summer holiday. 

During the summer, we, together with our children, will make a decision about their future choice of schools. With thoughts about the many students who will continue at Herlufsholm, it is our hope that the school now gets more peace to ensure the necessary changes and succeeds in creating a culture in which all thrive and feel safe'" - The Crown Prince Couple

Following the airing of the documentary on Danish TV2 in May 2022, the Prime Minister of Denmark has called for a debate in parliament over allegations of bullying and harassment at one of Denmark's top schools. 

Prince Christian of Denmark pulled out of Herlufsholm
The Crown Prince couple accompanied their son on his first day of school at Herlufsholm

Prince Christian of Denmark, 16, began attending Herlufsholm school in August 2021. He was accompanied by his parents on his first day of school.

It is the first time that a future Danish king has attended Herlufsholm, whose notable alumni included artists, members of Parliament, including two former prime ministers.

Christian's first cousin, Prince Nikolai of Denmark, eldest son of Prince Joachim, also attended Herlufsholm between 2015 to 2018.

Herlufsholm School is a private day and boarding school in Denmark, some 80 km south of Copenhagen. It was founded in 1565 as a boarding school for sons of Danish aristocrats.

It is considered an elite private boarding school in Denmark. A boarder's school fees for year cost up to 157,000 DKK (Danish Krone) or US$22,271.

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