The Queen Performs Royal Duty Without A Walking Stick. And Sporting a New Hairstyle

The Queen receives Archbishop of Canterbury at Windsor Castle

The Queen appeared more vibrant in her recent public appearance, and in excellent shape, as she resumed royal duty in Windsor Castle on Tuesday, June 21, which coincided with her grandson's birthday, the Duke of Cambridge.

Her Majesty hosted an in-person audience with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, at her sitting room in Windsor Castle.

The Queen receives Archbishop of Canterbury at Windsor Castle
The Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop presented her with the Canterbury Cross, a small silver cross inspired by a 9th-century Saxon brooch and incorporating a triquetra pattern, as a token of the church's gratitude, love, loyalty, and affection, for Her Majesty's 70 years of dedicated service to the Church of England or the Anglican Church.

The Canterbury Cross is presented each year, as part of the annual Lambeth Awards. This token is given to a small number of recipients for their outstanding service to the church.

The Queen receives Canterbury cross
The Most Reverend Justin Welby and the Queen. PA Wire

It was Her Majesty's second public engagement since the Garter Day in June13, following her Platinum Jubilee celebration.

For her Tuesday's engagement, the Queen looked summery as she donned a gorgeous dress in floral print, which enhanced her sunny appearance and bright smile. 

The Queen receives Canterbury cross
The Queen was seen without a walking stick

She was not also seen clutching a walking stick, unlike in the previous public engagements, and just stood independently as she welcomed the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Queen has a new haircut

Her Majesty appeared to have a new hairstyle, with her beautiful silver hair restyled into short locks. The style looked sharper which brightened the Queen's face.

"The Queen looks so pretty with her summer haircut", one fan commented.

But above all, we love Her Majesty's youthful floral dress and her girly pink lipstick. It perfectly complemented her bright aura, and creamy complexion.

Stay fit and healthy Your Majesty!

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