Duchess of Cambridge Laments How Prince Louis Growing Up Fast. Hinting For Another Child

"I keep thinking Louis is my baby, but he's a proper boy now," Kate said when she met with the staff and volunteers of the Little Village's Hub in Brent, London, in June this year.

The Duchess of Cambridge visited the largest baby bank network in the United Kingdom following The Queen's Jubilee week celebration last month. 

Duchess of Cambridge
Duchess of Cambridge during her visit to Little Village's Hub in Brent
Duchess of Cambridge

While she met with staff and volunteers, the Duchess was smitten by a baby resting in a stroller. Then she made a remark about her own children growing up, describing her youngest child, Prince Louis, as her baby, but lamented how fast he grew up into a big boy.
Prince Louis of Cambridge
Prince Louis and Mom Kate

Prince Louis of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge has previously visited baby banks to help unload deliveries, sort donations, and speak with families about their experiences of using their local baby bank services.

Her visit last June was extra special because she has a particular interest in young children and has made it a focus of her royal life. 

The Queen, Prince Philip, and the Cambridges. Balmoral Summer 2015

But being around babies and toddlers also made her somber. She admitted in the past that she feels "broody" after meeting with young children.

"Can you get my wife out of here before she gets broody?" Prince William joked during their visit to a Scottish class where students were learning about empathy by observing an infant.

Prince Louis of Cambridge

Although The Duke of Cambridge hinted that his family is already complete with three children, his wife seems to hint she wants another child. She revealed this baby longing during her solo trip to Denmark in February 2022.

Duchess of Cambridge
Kate had fun at the LEGO Foundation Playlab in Copenhagen

She visited the LEGO Foundation Playlab at the University College Copenhagen and met with the team leading the Playful Learning Programme, a partnership between the six university colleges in Denmark and the LEGO Foundation.

Duchess of Cambridge
Meeting parents and babies at the Playlab

"It makes me very broody," Kate said. "William always worries about me meeting under one-year-old children. And I come home saying, 'Let's have another one", She revealed.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

But whether the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will going to have another child after Prince Louis, depends on the circumstances. 

Recently, they've been very busy taking loads of royal duties since The Queen already cut back on her public appearances due to her mobility issues.

Duchess of Cambridge
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Prince Louis, the youngest of the Cambridge children, made a carriage debut with his siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte during Trooping the Color which marked the official birthday celebration of The Queen.

During the balcony appearance of the Royal Family to watch the fly-past presentation of the Royal Airforce, Prince Louis displayed all sorts of human emotions when the booming noises of the aircraft were too much for him to bear. 

The Queen at Trooping the Color
The Queen explained something to the bewildered Prince Louis

At one point, even his great-grandmother, The Queen, was seen on the balcony trying to explain what was going on to the bewildered prince.

Prince Louis of Cambridge
Prince Louis displayed his cheekiness during the Queen's Jubilee pageant

The young prince caught the attention of royal fans when he displayed his innocent cheekiness during the Queen's Jubilee Pageant as the fanfare of the parade reduced him to boredom.

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