Hot Royal News: Queen Margrethe II Responds to Criticism, Stands With Her Decision

 Queen Margrethe II of Denmark responds to criticism

This is becoming so complicated! You think the British royal family has given us enough family feuds? Think again, the Danish royal family has more to offer 😱😨 Their rift is far more intense as they openly exchange searing reactions and responses in public. 

In a situation that rivaled Prince Harry and Prince William, Prince Joachim now admitted his relationship with his brother, Crown Prince Frederik, is really complicated. And to make things worse, his mother made another statement today. 

Things become so explosive in the Royal House of Denmark now, with the 82-year-old monarch refusing to lay down her armors, and would not back down on her younger son's bitter reaction. 

It comes after the Queen officially announced that she will be removing the princely status of her four grandchildren from her younger son, Prince Joachim, comes January 2023, to streamline the Danish monarchy, and well, to allow her grandchildren to shape their own careers and future without restrictions that come with being Danish royals.

The response from the public was intense, mostly sympathizing with the poor children who seem ostracized from the court and forcibly taken their identity. Prince Nikolai was heard saying "What will they put on my passport?". And the children were reportedly confused about why their identity will be removed.

In January 2023, they will no longer belong to the House of Glucksburg literally, but to the noble house of de Monpezat, which is a French title. And its origin was even questionable as Prince Henrik's (husband of the Queen) family falsely claimed their nobility background. However, Count de Monpezat and Countess de Monpezat were created by Queen Margrethe II for her descendants in the male line and to honor her husband's status. 

Intense Reaction

Prince Joachim, his second wife, Princess Marie, and his first wife, Countess Alexandra, united in expressing their sadness and shock at the decision of the Queen in hurrying the stripping of the titles.

The Queen with Prince Joachim's family

Prince Joachim was even vocal in saying he did not know what was going on because he was given short notice of the Queen's decision and announcement (on removing the titles by January 2023).

Prince Joachim also admitted that his relationship with his older brother, Crown Prince Frederik, is complicated, and that his mother, has not gotten in touch with him and his children since making the announcement.

It also caught him by surprise. According to Prince Joachim, the original plan was "when they reach 25". His children would be stripped of their princely status once they reach 25 years old, but his eldest child, Prince Nikolai, is only 23, Prince Felix, 20, Prince Henrik, 13, and Princess Athena, 1o.

It was also worrying because two of the children are minors, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena. Princess Marie told the Danish news outlet that her daughter, Athena, who is also the only daughter of Prince Joachim, is now being bullied at school after the decision was publicly announced earlier this week.

'They come and say (to Athena): "Is it you who is no longer a princess?", adding that her children were put under the public spotlight and so she feels the need to defend them.

Last week, Joachim hit out at his mother's decision, saying it 'punished' his children, as well as claiming he had only been told the news five days before it was made public - despite the Royal Household insisting the move has been a long time coming. 

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark marks 50 years on the throne this year

AND TODAY, Queen Margrethe II RELEASED ANOTHER STATEMENT in response to those who criticized her and well, in direct response to her younger son's family. She was sorry but stood by her decision.

She said:

"In recent days, there have been strong reactions to my decision about the future use of titles for Prince Joachim’s four children. That affects me, of course.

My decision has been a long time coming. With my 50 years on the throne, it is natural both to look back and to look ahead. It is my duty and my desire as Queen to ensure that the monarchy always shapes itself in keeping with the times. Sometimes, this means that difficult decisions must be made, and it will always be difficult to find the right moment.

Holding a royal title involves a number of commitments and duties that, in the future, will lie with fewer members of the royal family. This adjustment, which I view as a necessary future-proofing of the monarchy, I want to take in my own time.

I have made my decision as Queen, mother, and grandmother, but, as a mother and grandmother, I have underestimated the extent to which much my younger son and his family feel affected. That makes a big impression, and for that I am sorry.

No one should be in doubt that my children, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren are my great joy and pride. I now hope that we as a family can find the peace to find our way through this situation". The Royal House of Denmark website

This bitter row between the Royal House of Denmark and Prince Joachim's family is more complex than the row between the Sussexes and Charles III/Prince William. The wounds are deeper and becoming too painful every day as the issue involved the minor children of Prince Joachim. 

But we are hoping they can find ways to heal the deep wounds and find time to fix the fractured relationship because they are family and all problems can be fixed.

Here's to wishing everyone peace and unity.

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