Royals Love Wearing This Timeless Winter Fashion: Trench Coat

Royals love to wear Trench Coats

The Northern Hemisphere is entering the coldest season of the year - winter. So it's just fitting to talk about this timeless winter fashion: Trench coats!

Trench coat fashion never grows old, that's why it's the favorite go-to piece of royals during autumn and winter seasons. Most royals flaunted their trench coats during cold weather, leaving us with a desire to add this fashion classic to our closet too.

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It has been the favorite cold season staple among the stylish set. The elegance of trench coats has never been lost with time. 

Royals love to wear Trench coats
Queen Letizia is a big fan of trench coats

Royals love to wear Trench coats
And also the Princess of Wales who loves to wear this winter fashion

Royals love to wear Trench coats
Mary of Denmark also likes trench coats

You can hang it during spring and summer but you can pull it again come autumn and winter, The classic trench coat never goes out of style, that's why most celebrities and members of the royal family loved it.

Royals love to wear Trench coats
Camilla is also a big fan of a trench coat

Royals love to wear Trench coats
And also Princess Madeleine of Sweden

What made trench coat royals' favorite apparel is the fact that it can be mixed and matched with any footwear or clothing underneath. It can be worn with pants and long boots. It's also sophisticated to be worn on any occasion. 

It's the best jacket for throwing on over jeans, dresses, workwear, partywear, or just walkabout wear. Trench coats look equally cool in any color and apparel combination.

Royals love to wear Trench coats
The stylish Queen Maxima looks fabulous in trench coats
Royals love to wear Trench coats
Even the former Prince and Princess of Wales have trench coat moments too

What is a Trench Coat?

The history of the trench coat stretched back to the late 1800s when the British army began to wear waterproof coats that could protect them from rain and cold weather in the trenches (excavation ground). Hence the name trench coat.

According to Michael Andrews' brief history of trench coats, Initially, only British officers owned and wore trench coats during the war, which distinguished them from the rank and file — a distinction that denoted class differences as well, for military officers at the time came from the aristocracy. The trench coat quickly became a symbol of status and class.

Royals love to wear Trench coats

As the war went on, trench coats took civilian culture by storm. The coats, already being mass-produced to serve the war effort, appealed to everyday customers for the same reasons they appealed to servicemen: They were all-around more functional and comfortable than anything else on the market, they communicated an air of sophistication, and they looked good no matter what was worn underneath.

After the war, Hollywood boosted the garment’s popularity. Humphrey Bogart immortalized the look in films such as Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon. 

War and the trenches are long gone but the trench coat is here to stay. Today, it is considered a timeless winter fashion. Royals, celebrities, and people from all walks of life love to wear trench coats. 

Royals love wearing trench coats
Infanta Sofia of Spain and Leonor, the Princess of Asturias twinning in Trench coats

A classic trench coat is belted at the waist with raglan sleeves ending in cuff straps around the wrists that also buckle, to keep water from running down the forearm when using binoculars in the rain. The coat often has epaulets that are button-close, which were functional in a military context.

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Happy Holidays. Keep warm!

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