King Harald V of Norway's Granddaughter, Leah, Debuted a Tiara at Le Bal Debutantes

Leah Isadora Behn Le Bal Debutante 2022

The gorgeous granddaughter of King Harald V and Queen Sonja, Leah Isadora Behn, is one of Le Bal Debutantes presented in Paris this year.

The 17-year-old member of the Norwegian royal family is the second daughter of Princess Martha Louise of Norway and is currently sixth in the line of succession to the Norwegian throne. And around the 80th in the line of succession to the British throne.

Leah Isadora Behn Le Bal Debutante 2022
Leah Isadora Behn in Paris, France

The Le Bal des Débutantes was held at the Shangri-La hotel in Paris, France, on November 26, 2022. Around 18 aristocrats and daughters of popular artists and entrepreneurs were presented to the high society.

Leah Isadora Behn was born on April 8, 2005, as the second daughter of Princess Martha Louise of Norway and Norwegian author and artist, Ari Behn. 

Her father committed suicide on Christmas day in 2019 but was already separated and divorced from Princess Martha Louise since 2017. Leah has an older sister, Maud Angelica, and a younger sister, Emma Tallulah. Leah.

Leah Isadora Behn le bal debutantes 2022
Leah Isadora Behn

Leah attends secondary school in Oslo and is passionate about fashion and lifestyle trends. She is an Instagram influencer with close to one million followers. 

The young beauty influencer revealed in an interview with Hello Spain magazine that she always dreamed of "dancing when I was little. Now I feel like I’m living my dream".

The sixth in line to the Norwegian throne looked resplendent in a one-shoulder Giambattista Valle pink gown. She also debuted a diamond tiara during the event. The provenance of the tiara is not known but it's most likely loaned by V Muse Jewelry. 

Leah Isadora Behn Le Bal Debutante 2022
Leah Isadora and Maharaja Sirmur

She was escorted by Maharaja of Sirmur, a Prince of Jaipur, Maharaja Sirmur, a non-reigning princely state located in the hills of southern Himachal Pradesh in India.

Lea Isadora Behn's presence in a society event came after her mother gave up royal roles to separate her royal status from her personal activities. 

Leah Isadora Behn Le Bal Debutante 2022
Leah Isadora and her mom, Princess Martha Louise 

Princess Martha Louise has been the subject of intense public criticism since announcing her relationship to an American Shaman, Durek Verrett. 

In June this year, they announced their engagement. Her choice of a fiance was not received lightly by Norwegians, with the press criticizing Verrett for being a con artist. 

The aristocratic debutantes

This year's edition, Le Bal Paris handpicked five ladies from the aristocracy (Europe and India) as debutantes to be introduced to the high society.

Le Bal Debutante 2022
From left: Archduchess Sophia de Hapsburg, Leah Isadora Behn, Princess Helene of Orleans, and Princess Inayatinder Kaur of Patiala

Prince Helene of Orleans is the daughter of Prince Charles-Louis de Orleans and Princess Ileana de Orleans, her escort was her brother, Prince Philip of Orleans. 

Aristocratic Le Bal Debutantes Paris 2022
Princess Helene and her brother, Prince Philip of Orleans

Princess Helene wore a gorgeous lace gown from Georges Hobeika and wore a convertible diamond tiara from V Muse Jewelry, which she re-styled into a necklace. 

Aristocratic Le Bal Debutantes Paris 2022
Archduchess Sophia of Hapsburg-Lorraine and Prince Leopold of Baden

Archduchess Sophia de Hapsburg-Lorraine, a goddaughter of Queen Sofia of Spain, she is a daughter of Archduke Georg de Hapsburg of Austria, a grandson of Austria's last emperor, Charles I, and his wife, Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg. 

She was escorted by Prince Leopold of Baden whose father, Prince Bernhard of Baden, is a second cousin of King Charles III (he attended both the funeral of his great-uncle Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and great-aunt Queen Elizabeth II). 

Aristocratic Le Bal Debutantes Paris 2022
Princess Inayatinder and the Duke of Crussol

Princess Inayatinder Kaur of Patiala is the daughter of The Crown Prince of Patiala (an Indian state). She was escorted by the Duke of Crussol. 

Teale Burrell is the daughter of Lady Louise Campbell-Burrell who is the younger sister of the 13th Duke of Argyll in Scotland.

Aristocratic Le Bal Debutantes Paris 2022
Teale Burrell and Archie Campbell, Marquess of Lorne 

Teale Burrell was escorted to the event by her cousin, Archie Campbell, Marquess of Lorne, the eldest son of the 13th Duke of Argyll. They are both grandchildren of the late Ian Campbell, 12th Duke of Argyll. 

Le Bal des Débutantes, known simply as "le Bal", is a debutante ball and fashion event held annually in Paris, France, bringing together not more than 25 debutantes aged 16 to 22 from different countries. It's a social event but recently became a charity fashion event to raise funds for humanitarian efforts.

This year, Le Bal raised funds for World Central Kitchen, which serves free food to nations devastated by wars. World Central Kitchen was founded by the Spanish chef, José Andrés.

Since 1992, the Le Bal des Debutantes is organized by Ophelia Renouard. This year's event was held in the Shangri-La hotel, located opposite the Eiffel Tower. Debutantes wore couture gowns from leading designers and jewelry chosen to magnify their personalities exclusive from V Muse jewelry.

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