Tatler's Most Stylish Royal Talks About Modern Royals and The Princess of Wales

Formally known as  Doña (an Italian and Spanish female honorific title in the nobility, equivalent to "Lady" in the British aristocracy) Beatrice Borromeo-Casiraghi, the wife of Pierre Casiraghi (second son of Princess Caroline and nephew of Prince Albert II of Monaco), is on the cover of A&E magazine for November issue, titled, Woman of Substance. 

A&E is a luxury lifestyle magazine based in the United Arab Emirates. The magazine's founder and editor-in-chief, Lara Mansour, had a sit-down interview with the glamorous aristocrat in Monaco. And Beatrice answered several questions including her style, career, her definition of the "modern royals" and her thought about Catherine, the Princess of Wales.

Credit: AEWorld

Here are some of the extracts from the interview:

It is fascinating to hear about your career as a journalist and your experience as a documentary filmmaker – tell us more about what’s in the pipeline in that direction.

I recently participated in the production of Amazon Prime’s first big TV show in Europe called “Bang Bang Baby”. It is based on “Mamma Mafia”, a documentary I did many years ago. Now I am currently developing a TV show that is the project of my life. 

It is in the final phases of its development and I consider it as my dream project. I am also working on a documentary series as a filmmaker which I’m producing as well, and that will be coming out in spring 2023.

 Doña Beatrice Borromeo-Casiraghi. Credit: AEWorld

How would you describe your style? - I’m quite easygoing, I normally wear jeans and a shirt with sneakers. I have my own style and no trend will ever make me change what I like to wear. Of course, I dress up for public occasions, and for that, I love the partnership I have with Dior because I really like what they do. 

I would struggle to have to wear something that doesn’t feel like me, so it’s amazing when I can find this combination of brands that allow me to be true to myself and that I find extremely elegant and cool, and modern. For public occasions, I need to be elegant and proper. I hate to be shocking. I know what I like, and it takes me a second to decide what to wear.

In your opinion what makes modern royals today successful? - I think that the most important thing is not to live in a bubble, to be aware of the world around you, and to appreciate the fact that whatever position you’re in, that position is a place of responsibility and not a place of privilege. 

It’s a role that allows you to do a lot of good things, a platform that allows you to give. If you try to take from it selfishly that doesn’t work.

What do you think of Kate Middleton for example? - I think she is extremely good at her job – not only representing the Royal family but also raising awareness of the importance of children’s early years. She seems to be a very good mother and a very stable, strong person. 

Catherine, the Princess of Wales
Catherine, the Princess of Wales

It must be very hard to be constantly exposed as she is, I wouldn’t thrive in that situation and I admire her for the impeccable way she manages to navigate her role. 

Her situation is not comparable to our lives in any way: we help when we can here in Monaco, if there is any need for us to represent the family, we’re honored to do it but it’s not very demanding for us. We have our jobs, we work for a living, and don’t depend on the State on any level.

You can read the full interview at the AEWorld website

Europe's Most Stylish Royal in 2021 chosen by Tatler

Speaking of fashion and style. Tatler, a British magazine, also known as the "bible of the British aristocracy's style and fashion", named Beatrice Borromeo-Casiraghi, as the most stylish woman in European royalty in 2021, surpassing Catherine, then the Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Queen Letizia of Spain, and Queen Maxima of The Netherlands. 

Beatrice Borromeo-Casiraghi
Doña (Lady in British nobility) Beatrice Borromeo-Casiraghi. Credit: AEWorld

So what made the fashion editors at Tatler pick Beatrice over other women who married into European royalty? And what made her fashion sense different from the now Princess of Wales? 

According to The Express UK, it's Beatrice's sense of playfulness and style, and self-confidence. And Beatrice lived a far more glamorous lifestyle than Catherine. 

Fashion stylist, Miranda Holder, in an interview with The Express, said that Beatrice might have been crowned most stylish royal because she “exudes old-school sophisticated Hollywood glamor combined with a little bit of edge, which keeps her style modern and relevant”.

“She also has an enviable flair for piecing show-stopping outfits together,” Miranda added. “Her fashion faux pas over the years have been negligible, and she knows how to dress for her stunning figure and experiment with color and silhouette.”

“When it comes to dressing, she has a sense of playfulness and drama which the more conservative British royals lack.”

Catherine, the Princess of Wales in a recent public engagement

Although more daring with her fashion choices before she married Prince William, Miranda claimed that Catherine is still less confident than Beatrice.

She said: “We would never expect to see gladiator sandals, four different wedding dresses, and body-con red carpet dresses on Kate Middleton, for example. But Beatrice carries this off with poise and inner confidence that demonstrates she is fully comfortable in her own skin. She is not afraid to take the odd style risk – and this pays off.”

Miranda noted that when Beatrice carries out royal duties, her sense of style is “more daring and flamboyant whereas in Kate’s style is far more understated, although still eternally chic”.

The fashion stylist added: “Kate frequently wears the same outfit on several occasions and reminds us to be more sustainable in our wardrobes while supporting home-grown, up-and-coming designers, while Beatrice favors the more ostentatious designers such as Valentino".

According to Miranda, Beatrice and Kate are “Both style icons, but their differing heritage and cultures set them very much apart. Kate has a classic, timeless style and beauty that retains her accolade as Britain’s most stylish royal”

Source: The Express UK

Who is Beatrice Borromeo-Casiraghi?

Born on August 18, 1985, into an Italian noble family. Beatrice Borromeo grew up in the upper class and in the world of fashion and luxury. 

 Doña Beatrice Borromeo-Casiraghi

Her father is Count Fernando of Arona, her mother is Countess Paola Marzotto whose family previously owned the fashion house of Valentino, and her paternal grandfather was the 2nd Prince of Angera. Her family owned most of the Borromean islands in Italy.

Beatrice also has a thriving journalism career before she joined the Royal House of Grimaldi in Monaco. She obtained a law degree from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, and received her Master's degree in Journalism from Columbia University in New York.

Beatrice Borromeo the stylish royal in Europe
From left: Beatrice with her two sisters-in-law, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, and Tatiana Sto.Domingo-Casiraghi

She previously worked as a journalist for Il Fatto Quotidiano in Italy and as a contributor to Newsweek's Daily Beast. While a full-time journalist, she also modeled for Chanel, Valentino, and other luxury Italian brands.

She has appeared on many television shows in Italy as a host and conducted interviews with famous political figures. She also had a weekly show on the Radio 105 Network. Most of the topics of her articles in the newspaper were about politics and social issues.

Beatrice and her husband, Pierre, attend the Dior Charity event

She later became a documentary filmmaker. And directed Mamma Mafia, a documentary film about mafia women. She has directed several documentaries in the Italian language. Borromeo collaborated with Marco Travaglio and Vauro Senesi on the book Italia Annozero.

Beatrice began dating Prince Albert II of Monaco's nephew, Pierre Casiraghi, in 2008, they got married in 2015, and now have two sons together. 

Although she is not a full-time working royal in the Principality of Monaco, she frequently appeared with her husband's family in many key events such as the Grand Prix, the Rose Ball, the Red Cross Ball, the National Day celebration, and other important family gatherings of the Grimaldi.

Rose Ball 2022, from left: Pierre Casiraghi, Beatrice, Andrea Casiraghi, his wife, Tatiana (partly hidden), Princess Caroline, Prince Albert II, Christian Louboutin, Charlotte Casiraghi, her husband Dimitri Rassam, Ben-Sylvester Strautmann (boyfriend of Princess Alexandra), and Princess Alexandra of Hanover

She and her husband also supported many charitable causes. According to AEWorld, "While Beatrice is aware of her position, she is very humble and has an air of effortless elegance surrounding her. While her privileged life allows her to have many incredible opportunities, she has chosen to continue to pursue her career in film production and documentary making, addressing issues that are important to her".

Her husband, Pierre Casiraghi, is currently 8th in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne and often performs royal engagements both in Monaco and overseas representing his uncle, Prince Albert II.

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