King of Sweden Finally Clears Intrigues About His Rumored Disappointment on Succession Changes

New portrait of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

On January 5, 2023, the Swedish Royal House published the official statement of His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden clearing the intrigues regarding his views on the changes of the line of succession on January 1, 1980.

Background of this intrigue

In 1980, when the Absolute Law of Succession took effect and was implemented retroactively, replacing Prince Carl Philip with his older sister, Princess Victoria, as the heir-apparent, there was a rumor spreading in Swedish claiming that privately the King was disappointed that the law was implemented retroactively.

children of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
The three children of the King from left: Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip, and Princess Madeleine

In his mind, King Carl felt that the retroactive implementation deprived his only son, Prince Carl Philip, of his birthright as the Crown Prince. And that it should have taken effect on the second generation (just like in Norway), and let Prince Carl Philip continue to be the Crown Prince.

The Swedish Royal Palace, however, denied this claim, saying that the King agreed with the changes without any protest. Nonetheless, this intrigue continues to spread. 

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Duchess of Vastergotland

And so, to clear his side, His Majesty The King makes the following statement:

During the autumn, on two interview occasions, I received questions about the change in the succession order in 1980 in favor of the first-born child - regardless of gender. I then shared my thoughts about Prince Carl Philip retroactively losing his position as crown prince in connection with the amendment to the constitution.

It pained me deeply when, in retrospect, I heard comments that claimed that I would not stand behind my daughter, Crown Princess Victoria, as Sweden's heir to the throne.

I, therefore, want to make it clear that my interview answers should not be interpreted as criticism of the female succession to the throne or of Crown Princess Victoria.

The female succession to the throne is for me a matter of course. The Crown Princess is my successor. She is an extraordinary asset to me, my family, and our country. I am proud of her and her tireless work for Sweden. - CARL GUSTAF Source: Swedish Royal Palace's official website

New portrait of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
New portrait of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. Photo: Thron Ullberg/kungahuset

Golden Jubilee Celebration

His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden will celebrate his Golden Jubilee as Swedish monarch this year, 2023.

He ascended the Swedish throne on September 15, 1973, upon the death of his grandfather, King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden. At 27 in 1973, he was one of the youngest European monarchs to ascend the throne in modern times.

The new portrait of the king released by the Swedish royal house was taken by photographer Thron Ullberg in the Royal Palace in Stockholm, the room where his inauguration ceremony in 1973 took place.

In the portrait, King Carl XVI Gustaf, stood next to a historic silver throne, a gift from the Council of Parliament to Queen Cristina of Sweden for her coronation in 1650. Today, the silver throne is a symbol of the Swedish monarchy and is counted as a sign of the kingdom's dignity.

For his Jubilee official photograph, His Majesty donned his Admiral's uniform (Admiral in the British Royal Navy) with the Order of Seraphim, the Order of Sword, the Order of the North Star, and the Order of Vasa in chains.

Around his neck, the King wears the Great Commander badge of the Order of Dannebrog, a dignity assigned only to the Danish monarch's closest forefathers. Under the chains of words, there are also Swedish and Norwegian royal commemorative medals.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
The King and his two direct heirs: Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle

Personal profile of His Majesty  

His Majesty, King Carl XVI Gustaf was born on April 30, 1946, as the youngest and only son of Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Vasterbotten (eldest son of King Gustaf VI Adolf and Crown Princess Margarita), and Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

Both Crown Princess Margarita and Princess Sibylla's father, Prince Charles, were grandchildren of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. 

On January 26, 1947, Prince Gustaf Adolf was tragically killed in a plane crash in Copenhagen, making his nine-month-old son, Carl, heir to the Swedish throne. 

King Carl XVI Gustaf has four older sisters, Princess Margaretha, Princess Birgitta, Princess Desiree, and Princess Christina. His heir-apparent is his eldest child, Crown Princess Victoria. 

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