Princess Charlene of Monaco Shares Botched Haircut of Her Twins

Princess Charlene of Monaco shares two photos of her twins, Prince Jacques, the Hereditary Prince of Monaco, and Princess Gabriella, showing a botched haircut!

And who did it? None other than Princess Gabriella herself! đŸ˜‚ And it happened days before the seven-year old twins will return to school on Monday, September 5.

The twins with their new haircut đŸ˜…
©hshprincesscharlene instagram

According to Princess Charlene's caption: "Gabriella gave herself and her brother a haircut! Looking forward to school on Monday "

Cheeky Princess Gabriella đŸ˜… ©hshprincesscharlene instagram

The photos have royal fans in stitches as it shows the twins' blonde hair having botched haircut in the forehead. 

The botched haircut đŸ˜‚

It appears that the cheeky Princess Gabriella played her hilarious antics again of cutting her hair, just like what she did last year while Princess Charlene was still in South Africa, but this time, she extended her cheekiness to her brother.

Some royal fans commented: 

We all did that at one point in our lives while still children...she will be a great hairdresser one day...Every child has to do that...

The twins' father, Prince Albert II of Monaco, revealed in his interview last year that indeed his daughter is a bit mischievous and loves to do hilarious antics. 

Princess Gabriella mimics her father

In November 2020, Princess Charlene also shared a photo where Princess Gabriella mimicked her father while they prepared to pose for their official portrait during Monaco's National Day.

Wishing the twins happy school returns on Monday. And hopefully, the royal staff in the Prince's Palace of Monaco will hide scissors next time đŸ˜‚

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