Recovery is Possible: The Princess of Wales Sent Support For Addiction Awareness Week

The Princess of Wales on Saturday, October 29, 2022, sent a message of inspiration and support to those who are continuing to suffer from addiction. 

"I know this was not a choice. Recovery is possible", she said in a statement posted by Kensington Royal's social media account. She also encouraged people with addictions not to be ashamed to get help.

Catherine Princess of Wales
Catherine, the Princess of Wales 

Catherine also addressed the public to be more compassionate to people who are suffering and struggling with addictions, emphasizing that it, they still can recover. Her message is in observance of Addiction Awareness Week and in support of the Action on Addiction Organization's campaign: "Taking Action on Addiction". 

This campaign aims to improve understanding of addiction and end the stigma that surrounds it. This campaign calls for addiction to be treated as a serious mental health condition and for increased access to support so that recovery is possible.

Princess of Wales for Addiction Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness is one of the advocacies supported by the Prince and Princess of Wales and the focus of their recent public activities. Action on Addiction organization released a video clip of Catherine sending her message of support. 

Princess of Wales for Addiction Awareness Week

For her appearance, she wore a scallop-edged polka dot dress from Tory Burch and a pair of statement gold hoops. She also repeated her navy blue pants and belt.

The video was taken at the Prince and Princess of Wales' home, possibly Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, others claimed it was taken at Anmer Hall in Norfolk due to the familiar interior furnishings.

Photo: ©Taking Action Trust

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