Summer Look Inspiration From Queen Letizia and Duchess of Cambridge This 2022

Summer fashion of Queen Letizia and Kate Middleton

It's the peak of the summer season, and the weather has already grown warmer in some regions in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer heat translates to drier temperatures, so we're compelled to change our lifestyle, including our wardrobe to beat the summer heat.

It's not yet too late to reorganize your wardrobe this summer season! If you're looking for a refreshing summer look inspiration, here are some of the best fashion styles of Queen Letizia of Spain and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge this summer 2022.

1. Wear shorts!

Wearing shorts in public does not mean you lack taste in fashion. You can actually look stylish and fabulous even by wearing shorts during an outing. Just mix and match to come up with a gorgeous combination.

Summer fashion look Queen Letizia and Kate Middleton

Summer fashion look Queen Letizia and Kate Middleton

Just take a look at Queen Letizia's attire during a morning stroll in Palma de Mallorca with her family. She's wearing shorts with white long sleeves which she rolled over to her elbows. She paired it with a pair of flat shoes, adding some stylish accessories such as sunglass and a handbag.

Cool royal couple. Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI of Spain, taking a morning stroll around Palma de Mallorca, August 10, 2022

While Kate wore white (and blue) shorts, a pair of white sneakers, and a striped pullover for her public engagement in Plymouth. 

Summer fashion look Queen Letizia and Kate Middleton

Summer look of Duchess of Cambridge

2. Wear espadrilles!

You can never go wrong with a pair of espadrilles during hot summer. This fashionable footwear is almost associated with warm weather like spring and summer. 

Espadrilles bring comfort to the wearers because it is easy to carry, light to wear, and can be paired with any outfit, may it be a dress, shorts, or pants.

The Spanish royal family having their morning stroll around Palma de Mallorca

Espadrilles can be worn by both males and females. There are espadrilles designed for men. Although other European royals are seen wearing espadrille during spring and summer, the Spanish royal family members are known to wear espadrilles constantly.

It's favorite summer footwear of the Spanish royal family. Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor, and Infanta Sofia, mostly wore espadrille wedges in most of their public outings this summer season.

3. Go for Sleeveless

We have seen Queen Letizia and Kate stepping out in public this summer wearing sleeveless, both tops and dresses. 

The Duchess of Cambridge wore this refreshing white sleeveless dress during a charity polo match in July this year, where Prince William competed to raise funds for the foundations he supported.

Sleeveless fashion is perfect for summer and humid temperatures. It is comfortable to wear and can be stylish too. You can just add a cardigan or jacket to your sleeveless if the weather suddenly turns drizzly.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Queen Letizia of Spain during a summer outing in Palma de Mallorca

4. Polka Dot Ensembles 

Polka dot dresses look so cool during the summer season. Take a look at these fabulous polka dot ensembles worn by Queen Letizia and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Duchess of Cambridge wore two Alexandra Rich polka dot dresses during Wimbledon Championships

Queen Letizia wore several sleeveless outfits this summer

5. Try a mini-dress for a refreshing summer vibe

Yes, we have seen Queen Letizia wear a daring pink mini-dress from Zara this month during a dinner out with her daughters and mother-in-law, Queen Sofia. An outfit that shocked some royal fans as it was the first time the Spanish Queen wore such shortest dress in public.
Queen Letizia wore this mini-dress during a dinner out in Palma de Mallorca

It's cool to wear a mini-dress during hot weather like the summer season because it gives comfort to the wearer. It can withstand the blistering summer heat.

Princess Leonor, Queen Letizia, Queen Sofia, and Infanta Sofia

But it is an appropriate dress for summer, especially during humid temperatures. Ladies can experiment with many fashion styles as long as they feel comfortable doing it, just like Queen Letizia.

6. Floaty and Light dresses

Floaty and light dresses are great choices to wear during summer when attending an event. It's cool and comfortable compared to tight outfits or jeans.

Queen Letizia of Spain wearing a floaty and light dress

Duchess of Cambridge wore this yellow summery dress during Wimbledon Championships

Queen Letizia of Spain is a fan of floaty dresses

7. White Power Pantsuit Ensembles

White pantsuits in summer are seriously chic and empowering. It will freshen up your look and appeal when attending important events this summer season. It's also clean and neat to look at when you're wearing white ensembles. As if there's an everlasting peace on earth with it.

Empowering white pantsuits

Both Queen Letizia and Kate have worn these white pantsuits on a number of occasions this summer and their looks are so empowering and glamorous, at the same time very smooth and soft to the eyes.

What is your favorite summer look of Queen Letizia and the Duchess of Cambridge? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Happy Summer!

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