Royal Watchers Are Baffled By The Hole Design On Queen Letizia of Spain's Skirt

Queen Letizia wears skirt with a hole design

When it comes to fashion, Spain's Queen Letizia always sets the bar. She has been one of the trendsetters in royal fashion. She has worn some of the most fashionable wardrobes we have ever seen in royalty, some pieces exceeded our expectations but other outfits are a bit more daring which no other senior royal ladies ever dared to wear.

We have seen her wear some of the most adventurous styles that sometimes left us stunned. The fuchsia dress with a cut in the abdomen part, the bold backless ensemble, and the super mini dress in August.

However, today, as she attended the 22nd edition of the Primary Opera Film Festival in Tudela, Navarre, in Northern Spain, her choice of attire left royal watchers, once again, amused and at the same time baffled. 

Queen Letizia wears skirt with a hole design
Queen Letizia wore another intriguing design

Some of the comments from royal fans:

  1. Why there's a hole in the skirt? Haha!
  2. The hole ruins the look
  3. Not a very suitable skirt for an elegant queen
  4. Letizia is fashion brave

The hole design in the skirt exposed her thigh. So what's the function of that big hole there? 😄 Queen Letizia always gives us something to discuss in a day when it comes to her fashion choices. But actually, the hole looks a bit intriguing. 

Queen Letizia wears skirt with a hole

According to the Royal Fashion Police on instagram, the checkered plisse skirt is from TOGA fashion label which can also be bought from H&M retail shop. Upon checking the model of the skirt, we saw her one leg popped out in the hole (see below photo).
Queen Letizia wears skirt with a hole
The model let her one leg pop out of the hole in the skirt

So that's how this skirt should be worn! The leg must be exposed out of the hole of the skirt, but of course, Queen Letizia did not wear it like in the above photo to avoid landing in a hot water. So she just wore it normally and just allow her thigh to "take a peek" in the hole.

Queen Letizia of Spain fashion

She also wore a close-neck 3/4 black shirt, a pair of black leather pumps from her favorite Magrit shoes, and carried a Giorgio Armani handle black leather bag.

Are you curious too about this style of Queen Letizia of Spain? She's restyling the word "slit" in the skirt to a whole new level.

You may check out some of her daring outfits worn this year:

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